Creating a picross game pt. 1 - generating picrosses

Lately I got addicted to solving picrosses all over again. If you’re not familiar, picross (a.k.a. nonogram or logic picture) consist of a grid, where each of the rows and columns have own set of numbers. Here’s an example of a picross puzzle:

5 min read

Creating resizable Flexbox four-pane layout in React

As most full stack developers, I wasn’t „born” as one - almost all of us came from differents background, so we have a unique perspective and problems on our ways. I originated from backend and for kinda a long time I had no idea about frontend - CSS was absolutely black magic fuckery to me. And yet here I am, trying my best at doing something that not only (maybe just barely, but still) works, but also something that won’t make users’ eyes bleed.

12 min read